Our Black Friday 2022 Sale!

Our Black Friday 2022 Sale!

Welcome to our Black Friday 2022 Sale!

This year we are offering the deepest discounts we've ever given to a range of popular products.  We believe we make the best gear you can buy but understand that for some the stretch to obtain the awesomeness is a little too much.  So if you've ever wanted some of our amazing lightweight performance parts now is the time to get involved!

 In this blog post we will talk about the discounts we are offering and how you can get your grubby little hands on the good stuff.

First Up, Drive Systems.

Apex Jump Drive 

Normal Price - £350, Black Friday Pricing - £300.

Many customers are already riding the critically acclaimed Apex Jump Drive - a beast of a steel gear drive that packs a bunch of innovative features that come together to make a very robust gearbox for your eboard. Sporting an innovative multi-wheel push fit adaptor, the smallest footprint available on the market at a 5.5:1 reduction whilst also being the lightest steel geardrive you can currently buy - the Apex Jump drive is the best high tech gearbox for your electric mountainboard or urban carver.

Apex Chain Drive

Normal Price - £270, Black Friday Pricing - £230

The Apex Chain drive is popular with the most hardcore riders.  They are looking for something mean, lean and as robust as possible.  Lightened to a point where we felt we couldn't go any further its a monster of a power transmission system that also uses our amazing push fit wheel adaptor.  Everyone who uses these absolutely loves the sound and the performance and we think you will like it too. An absolute bargain at just £230 for a set.


Apex Air + Bulbar kit combo

The Airs, well what can we say that hasn't been said before? The most unique mountainboard trucks that offer incredible strength and extreme dampening.  Fully CNC'd for 7075 Aluminium, these trucks are virtually indestructable with not a single report of a bent hanger since we first started selling them almost 2 years ago.  We know they are expensive, but they cost a lot to make and so we find it very hard to discount them but for Black Friday only if you buy a pair of trucks we will give you a bulbar kit free of charge! Thats an £85 saving, which is pretty significant.  All you need to do is add a pair of trucks and the bulbar kit of your choosing to your cart and you will see the bullbars are free,

Deck and shockpad deal

The Apex Predator deck is a fantastic mountainboard deck based on the extremely popular Haero Bro deck. Used by all the pro riders at the moment, we sell them with our own Apex livery and our own features including inserts for securing your battery enclosure.  We designed our own rubberised shockpads for the Predator deck that allow easy routing of wiring between the battery and the ESC enclosure and lots of people all over the world already use these to make very tidy builds.  For Black Friday we are offering free shockpads with every deck order, just add the deck and the shockpads to your cart and you will see the pads are completely free!

ESC enclosures

Normal Price - £100, Black Friday Pricing - £80

We've sold hundreds and hundreds of these over the years and they continue to be extremely popular.  They were the first commercially available ESC enclosure to offer an under wiring technique that has proved to be very waterproof.  These fit Lacroix Stormcore, BKB Xenith and Focbox Unity ESC's and are available in both 3K Twill and Forged Carbon fibre.  We are offering them at just £80 over Black Friday which we believe is an absolute bargain!

Apex Predator Electric Mountainboards

We sell the gnarliest and most powerful Electric Mountainboards on the market built by hand right here in the beautiful English countryside. Available in both 2WD and 4WD trim with all our best parts, these things really are the ultimate way to ride.  During Black Friday we are offering £100 off any build.

We are also offering discounts on other parts, have a check around the website for more savings throughout the weekend.

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