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ISO 06B Chaindrive Kit

ISO 06B Chaindrive Kit

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Truck Adaptor

The Apex Chain Drive was designed to take this high-performance drive solution and make it accessible to all. Featuring an innovative push fit wheel adaptor this drivetrain is seriously tough and easy to maintain.


  • Light weight for those that prefer an easy to maintain drive system
  • 5:1 ratio
  • Raised motor position giving maximum rear clearance for serious offroad


  • Chains couldn't care less about the kind of mud that makes belts weak at the knees
  • No lock-tight, fully retained chain pinion (when using Apex motors) that’s easy to change
  • Swapping punctured wheels takes seconds without needing to loosen or adjust the chains


  • No hardware wheel adaptors allow quick switching between two different wheels (MBS Rockstar 2 and Trampa Fatlads)
  • No wheel chain adjustment. Set chain tension without wheels getting in the way
  • Revolutionary fractional difference mount pattern giving angle adjustment in 6° increments
  • All bolts and grubs accessible externally for quick adjustments

Wheel Hubs:
The Push Fit adapters do not require any additional hardware fitted to the wheel and

are compatible with:
- MBS Rockstar 2
 - Trampa Fatlads


Apex Shit Slingers are the perfect companion for all our drives and have been tested on all hubs, but most 8” or 9” tyres should work. For particularly wide street tyres or wide 9” tyres we would recommend using Trampa Fatlads owing to the additional width and offset of this hub. 



The JUMP DRIVE has been designed with 
Apex Air and hangers in mind. We currently offer the following truck adapters:


 - The AIR adapter which has been extensively tested with APEX AIRS, but may also work with other trucks supporting a similar 22mmR6 profile

- MBS Matrix 3

We know people will ask, but unfortunately the MBS Matrix II and Trampa trucks are not compatible with the Chain Drive.  If there are any other adapters that people want then let us know and we will see what we can do.

What's Included?

1 Pair of motor mounts with clamps of your choice including all fasteners

1 pair of assembled 40T Wheel Sprocket assemblies including bearings

1 Pair of 8T Motor Sprockets with Grubs (for 8mm shaft motors)

1 Pair of ISO 06B Chains (riveted round and ready to go) 

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