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Apex Air - Next Generation PKP Truck

Apex Air - Next Generation PKP Truck

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A new generation of eMTB riders demand a new style of truck, one that's as comfortable on the twisty race tracks as it is charging single track trails in the forest.  We set out to design a truck from scratch that meets these needs and we believe we have nailed it.


We've all been there with springs that bounce you out of a corner, elastomer dampers that have one setting and that's your lot.  Awkward moments trying to change your setup to dial it in.... what if you could have a truck that was perfect to you? A truck that can be customised to exactly how you want it? a truck that in 1 minute can go from super stiff to turn on a sixpence? Well now you can...

Introducing Apex Air - precision CNC'd trucks for the next generation of eMTB riders.

CNC'd from a big block of 7075 T6 Aluminium, these trucks are built to last and can take an enormous amount of punishment. Carbon steel removeable axels and kingpins give you dependable critical parts that last the journey. Integrated M5 nut holders mean removing the baseplate is a 1 tool job.  Built with accessories in mind, these trucks have mounting points for the Apex Bullbar kit as well as more cool stuff to follow. 

The unique Parallel Kingpin (PKP) kingpin layout has several advantages with the main one being stability.  This allows you to still achieve great straight line stability whilst having softer duros\shapes for turns, making these an ideal track toy choice.  Need to go harder? do some jumps? 1 turn on the kingpin nuts with any standard skate tool and you change the characteristics.  Take the nuts off in 1 minute and put in your hard bushings.  You can even change your setup throughout your ride -this really is something that hasn't been available before now.

We worked with Riptide™ to integrate their amazing Krank® range of bushings into our trucks.  What does that mean? We have the best formula available on the market today by a company thats been making bushings for years. There are a huge range of bushings you can use with these trucks, any longboard bushings in fact, but having some options identified by our testers available out the gate means you get a great feeling truck and a platform that you can experiment with going forward to dial your setup exactly how you want it.

We encourage experimenting and finding what works for you so experiment to find your ideal setups!  We are sure the community will come up with setup combinations that we haven't even began to think about but that really is the beauty of these trucks - you make them feel exactly as you want to.

if you are using these trucks on 30 degree decks for an electric setup (Haero Bro, MBS etc) we really recommend you add a 5 degree wedge riser for a total 35 degree angle.  Gravity rides tend to prefer 30. 

Weight - 850g

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