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Lightweight ESC enclosure V2

Lightweight ESC enclosure V2

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Designed specifically for the Lacroix Stormcore, Xenith and Unity ESC's, this enclosure provides unique and innovative ESC cooling and mounting solutions.

Firstly, we don't like mounting ESC's to the lids of enclosures as this makes it difficult to work on your electronics so we decided to flip convention on its head and we bolt the ESC to the heatsink base.  The fins on the CNC'd precision baseplate have great airflow which keeps your motor controller cool and operating at its optimum temperatures. Should you ever need to get into your enclosure, all you have to do is simply remove the carbon fibre lid and all of your electronics are easily accessible.

This Version 2 enclosure uses a new adjustable mounting solution that allows you to adjust the position of your enclosure up and down by 15mm, then this is secured with 4 x M5 truck bolts. The rest of the enclosure is bolted to this mount plate with 4 x bolts - meaning if you ever need to get to your truck bolts, you don't need to open the enclosure!

There's plenty of space to bring your phase wires out the bottom and underneath the enclosure but this enclosure only supports 4mm bullets (standard fitment on Xenith and Stormcore ESC's)

We think this is the lightest ESC enclosure on the market at just 471g

We now provide two top plate options, Stormcore and Xenith/Unity and a new Forged Carbon lid which looks amazing! 


1 x enclosure complete 

4 x M3 ESC bolts for securing the ESC to the base

Inner ESC mounting space dimensions are 150 x 100 x 25mm

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