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Apex Boards



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The Apex Airs are an incredibly versatile truck aimed at extreme off roading.  But what if you want to take your board to the park? or the Kart Track? Enter the TRAKPAC...

The TRAKPAC is a collection of versatile bushings that will transform your Apex Airs into a track weapon or versatile street setup.,  The TRAKPAC contains 4 x Riptide 87a Barrels and 4 x Riptide 87a Cones.  This allows you (along with the bushings we provide with the trucks originally to create many different response setups on your Apex Airs.

Double/Cone - softest setup

Cone/Barrel - as responsive as the Cone/Cone setup but more stable

Cone/Fatcone - our standard off road bushing setup

Barrel/Fatcone - slightly stiffer and more linear response off road setup.

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