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Apex Off Road Gloves

Apex Off Road Gloves

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Introducing our premium electric skateboard gloves, designed specifically to enhance your riding experience and keep your hands protected. These gloves feature a range of innovative features that make them the perfect choice for any electric skateboarder.

The gloves boast carbon effect knuckle protectors and rubber finger protectors that offer maximum protection against impact and abrasions, ensuring your hands stay safe even during the most intense rides. The tough and durable materials used in the gloves also ensure that they are built to last and can withstand regular use.

In addition to their protective features, these gloves also come with palm side protective studs that allow the glove to flex while still saving your hands in the event of a fall palm down. This added protection ensures that your hands remain safe and secure at all times whilst also allowing you to operate your remote.

The finger and thumb is cut away, this maintains that precise level of remote control you are used to on both thumbwheel and trigger remotes.  It also allows you to operate your phone or camera without taking the gloves off

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the gloves feature a rubberised Apex logo on a stiffened wrist strap. This strap keeps the gloves firmly in place while you ride, allowing you to focus on the road ahead without any distractions.

Overall, these gloves are the perfect addition to any electric skateboarder's gear collection, providing both protection and comfort during your rides. Invest in a pair today and take your riding to the next level.


We are carrying two sizes of gloves, these fit the majority of people although our sizing comes out slightly smaller than other gloves.

Measure around the palm of your hand, this is a rough guide only.

Medium = 7 -8 inches

Large =  8 - 9 inches

Larger hands than this may mean the glove does not fit or is uncomfortable.

Please note - the palm side studs are designed to assist in a fall and as such should only be used in an emergency.  These gloves ARE NOT slide gloves.

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