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Chain drive Sprocket kit

Chain drive Sprocket kit

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So you've seen our awesome Chain drive but you already have motor mounts and want to convert your belt drive to Chains?  This Sprocket kit is for you!

This kit contains everything in our Apex Chain Drive Kit minus the motor mounts.

We know people will ask, but unfortunately the MBS Matrix II is not compatible with the Chain Drive sprocket kit. This is due to the stepped axles, which are not compatible with our bearing layout. Hopefully this changes for Matrix 3. If there are any other adapters that people want then let us know and we will see what we can do.

What's included?

2 x 40T Wheel Sprocket Assemblies

2 x 8T Motor Sprockets with grubs

2 x 10mm Spacer

2 x motor key

2 x speed ring

Please note, due to the C2C Variance across different mounts, this kit does not come with any chain.  You will need to purchase ISO 06B chain, some chain links and a chain breaker locally (all super cheap stuff)

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