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APEX 6384 Battle Hardened BLDC Motors

APEX 6384 Battle Hardened BLDC Motors

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Featuring a fully “Battle Hardened“ rotor and ready for action - this 6384 brushless outrunner motor packs a punch.  Available in 3 different Kv's to suit your requirements -140Kv, 170Kv and 190Kv.  In general the lower the Kv the lower the top speed but the more torque your setup will have. We sell the three most popular values so you can choose the right configuration for your particular setup

Our motors are configured with some special custom features, firstly you will find genuine Amass 4mm bullets on the end of the wires; these bullets are far superior to what is commonly used and do not bend after some time unlike the cheaper banana bullets found on most other motors.  We also modified the motor shaft - this comes in at 24mm long and 8mm diameter.  This particular size is really suited to the ever popular gear drives used on DIY Electric Mountainboards meaning you do not have to cut the shaft to fit - simply glue your motor pinion on and install or I’m the case of Apex Jump Drives simply retain them with the c-clip.  The shorter shaft does of course mean these motors may not suit belt drive setups.

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