New stuff in stock and more coming soon!

New stuff in stock and more coming soon!

Good Morning from an unseasonably dry and warm autumn here in the UK!

We have a few things to announce, firstly that MBS equipment has arrived.  The now infamous Rockstar pro 2 XL wheel is newly available in three colours, Charcoal, Bronze and Silver. We think this bronze is looking really nice!

MBS Matrix 3 420 are now back in stock and available to order here

The Predator deck has been out of stock for a little while, that's because we were not prepared for the flurry of orders we received at the start of the year and we have been prototyping something really nice for you guys with Haero boards, can't wait to get this in your hands! That is also the reason the Apex Predator eMTB has been out of stock.  We are expecting new decks in the next couple of weeks so hold tight!

As always, testing is ongoing across different products.  We've reconfigured our business behind the scenes this year to weather leaner times and that is why we have been quite quiet.  We aren't going anywhere though and are looking forward to launching new stuff hopefully this side of Christmas!

All the Best

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